Raised-bed gardening, Why?

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Accessibility for maintenance

Whether you are a weekend farmer or a chef who appreciates the freshness on your plate, working with in a raised planter garden is much easier on your back and easier to reach. Growing your garden in raised beds creates an environment of less stooping for pruning, weeding and watering.

Better drainage and Higher yields

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Growing plants above ground level is a great option for gardeners with poor draining soils. Raised beds permit plants to develop in soil held above the hard compacted dirt. In wet seasons, raised garden soils dry faster and stay warmer which allow for root growth to develop healthy and strong. A better, stronger root growth from improved soils will lead to higher yields and a more productive garden. To further improve soil, compost and other forms of organic matter may be incorporated.

Growing in difficult areas

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Raised garden beds make gardening possible in locations where growing plants would otherwise be impossible. Terraced raised beds turn hillsides into productive growing areas while reducing soil erosion. Rooftop gardens are now found in cities and suburbs.

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