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When we start a new design, we try to incorporate Style, Function, Safety and Budget. After reviewing your yard and assessing your terrain, we can plan for all hard-scape and soft-scape layouts. We will develop a plan that best meets your goals and works for your particular yard.

English Tudar Home


Living in the Bay Area, many of our clients have a very specific style they want incorporated in the design of their yards. Whether it’s a Mediterranean, Tuscan, Old English, Romantic or an eclectic style we can design your perfect yard. Keeping in mind of your natural terrain and the characteristics of your home, we carefully plot the relationships between your outdoor living space as an extension to your interior living area. With the proper placement of important landscape features, we can incorporate your sight lines as perfect views from every window of your home. Growing fruits and vegetables at home is becoming the new normal. We can design your perfect raised garden in the area where it best fits in the design of your home and yard.


Lights on the stairs


Not all irrigation systems are the same. Knowing your topography, we can design the best water efficient system that will satisfy a healthy garden. We design our systems using Irrigation Zones. Creating irrigation zones allows us to target water distribution with precision. We can design for the correct sprinkler spray heads for the proper zones. Our ultimate goal is to always provide a sufficient amount of irrigation for a healthy yard and minimize waste to save you money.


Planning for proper drainage requires a thorough knowledge of not only your property, but all surrounding properties that could cause excessive runoff into your yard. Taking into account for the (sometimes never ending) rains we get in the Bay Area, we design to migrate water away for your home and other areas of concern.


Lights on the stairs

Safety is always incorporated in our Landscape designs. Whether it’s as simple as a handrail on a steep step or the placement of plants for fire safety we understand how important it is that these concerns not be overlooked. The proper use of outdoor lighting not only looks nice, it’s also an important use for safety reasons. The new types of (low powered LED outdoor) light fixtures offers us a wide range of options for Style and Function.

Fire-safe landscape design:

Fire-safe landscape design is always considered when we are designing for environments where wildfire could occur. We try to incorporate the use of lawns, walkways, patios and driveway as buffer zones. Walls and fences constructed of nonflammable materials such as brick, rock or cement make good fire breaks. Water features, pools, ponds and/or streams can also be used as fire breaks.


You may have a ballpark figure in your mind as to the amount budgeted for your landscape project. We can meet your budget by creating a landscape design to satisfy your new dream yard. After we design your yard and identify all of the elements that need to be taken into consideration, we can create a schedule of materials and specific cost estimates.

Let us design your perfect outdoor living space

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